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Portrait Planning Guide

When to Schedule


For availability purposes, the earlier the better! I recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance!

What time of day:

For outdoor sessions, I highly recommend booking withing a few hours of sunrise and sunset! The lighting during those hours is at its best and, during summer months, the temperature will be ideal! For indoor sessions, mid-day works great to allow the sun to shine in!

What to Expect



Get Inspired:

I want to make sure that you are satisfied with your photos and overall portrait experience. I love when clients have ideas for their session! I recommend going online (Pinterest is my personal favorite!), finding inspiration, and sending me your ideas! Before every shoot, I make a mood board on Pinterest for that specific session! Doing something similar will get you excited for your shoot and also help ensure I capture the type of shots you want!


Direction with Candid Intent:

During your session, I will direct you and suggest posing as needed. However, the shots I am really after are the moments between the posing! Candid, natural shots, with genuine emotion are my absolute FAVORITE!

After your Session:

Portrait galleries are ready within 2-3 weeks. I send a link to your online gallery via email and you are able to download the images and print on your own!

What to Wear:


Be comfortable:

Be yourself and wear what you want, but make sure to be comfortable in what you are wearing! Being comfortable rids the worry of constantly having to adjust clothing during the shoot!



I strongly encourage the use of accessories! Having extra on hand never hurts as well! Accessories include, depending on the style of your shoot, things like earrings, jackets, sunglasses, hats, etc. Spending time on hair and makeup also typically helps with feeling confident in front of the camera!


Personally, I love neutral colors! However, you can dress in whatever color or even pattern you want! I do recommend choosing a theme and sticking to it; matching colors in a photo, especially with family and group portraits, are always aesthetically pleasing!



Choose Your Own:

Pick your favorite location! You are required to get permission/permit/pay fees for any location that requires it. Keep in mind it needs to be within 20 miles of 20678 or a travel fee will apply.

Location Ideas:

Solomons Island

Jefferson Patterson Park

Flag Ponds Nature Park

Sotterly Plantation

Downtown Annapolis


Location Guide:

Boho look? Open fields, long grass, open skies!

Rustic/Edgy? Alleys, Parking Garages, Staircases, Streets!

Other Ideas: Gardens, museums, beaches, coffee shops, bars, cities, greenhouses!

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